Honor Band-Demic

Week 2: March 23-27

Honor Band eLearning - Week 2

Zoom Check-In

I hope everyone gets a chance to check in with me via Zoom! This is not a requirement, but I know many of our families may not be able to help you out with your music. I am only available for zoom from 9:30am-10:30am, but you can email anytime!


Solo Due Friday 3/27

We have begun our Solo Unit!

  • Woodwinds will play Rondeau
  • Brass will play Little March
  • Percussion - Your solo should be assigned by Mr. Seymour.
These solos can be found in the eLearning lesson plan and at www.staleyband.org/solo.

Assignment this week: I would like everyone to upload the first rehearsal chunk into canvas by Friday.

  • Woodwinds - measures 5-12
  • Brass - measures 5-13


I would encourage all Honor Band Members to use this time to refresh your scales! We hope to come back and even though we don't know what music or performances will look like- we all know scales never go away! If we are needing quick audition information- scales! If we don't know what to rehearse- scales! If you are playing your instrument still in 20 years only one thing will still be needed still- scales! Stay at it...