Thera Volcano Resumé

By: Van Schroeder 1.B

Location of the Thera Volcano.

The Thera Volcano is located in Greece on the Santorini island. The exact location of longitude and latitude is, Latitude, 36.404 degrees North, and the longitude is 25.396 degrees East. The elevation is 1,204 ft. Thera is an island that is in the southern Aegean sea, which is about 200 km or 120 miles southeast of Greece's mainland.

Key Facts.

  • Country- Greece.
  • Latitude- 36.404 degrees North.
  • Longitude- 25.396 degrees East.
  • Elevation- 1,204 ft.
  • 120 miles or 200 km southeast from Greece.
  • Santorini Island.
Thera Volcano
Before the Greeks were their, the Manoa People lived their. They were highly civilized people who were rich and were good at making beautiful things, like jewelry and paintings. Because of the Thera volcano on their island, they whole civilization died. Some people and scientists compare the disaster to the Pompeii volcano. Today they whole volcano is mostly under water. However, the volcano can still erupt at any time.
The Thera volcano has had many eruptions over time. The eruption around 1630 BC, is the second largest volcano eruption ever in human history.


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