Women Suffrage Movement

By: Anika, Anassa, Tanraj, Gurbaaz Deol

What was The Women's Suffrage Movement?

The Women Suffrage Movement was women's struggle to have the right to vote. Women didn't have the right to vote like men did. It was also the right to stand for the electoral office. Women didn't have the vote until 1918. Women who supported this cause didn't get married because married women couldn't own property and create legal documents. This was the age for the pinnacle of sexism.

Who was involved in The Women's Suffrage Movement?

  • Nellie McClung- She was a political activist.
  • Emily Wilding Davison- Threw herself under a horse. She was the first and only person to die for the cause.

Where Did This Event Occur?

Womens Sufferage started in the United States Of America but eventually moved to Canada. Manitoba was the first province to let women have the right to vote. It also was the worst province to be in if you're a female because it was the first province to have Womens Sufferage

When Did This Event Occur?

This event occurred in the late 19th century and early 20th century. More specifically in 1848-1899. The 20th century fully embraced anti-sexism but there is still sexism in many parts of the world