Genetically Modified Food

Should these foods be labeled?

What is Genetically Modified Food?

Genetically modified food also known as GMF are food or organisms that are modified. This happens when the DNA is changed.

Benefits of GMF

  • GMF's can be modified to endure harsh growing. Allowing them to grow in new conditions and places they normally wouldn't be able too.
  • They can be designed to be parasite & pest-resistant, replacing the use of pesticides.
  • During the process of being genetically engineered vitamins and nutrients are increased, increasing the overall nutritional value and health.
  • They have the ability to grow in shorter periods of time and large quantities, which speeds up food production.

Risks of GMF

  • New allergies can be produce through these cross spreadings, and transferring proteins to unrelated species from organisms that haven't been consumed as foods.
  • These GMF's can also carry antibiotic-resistance genes, eating these foods can reduce the effectiveness of antibiotics to fight disease. The resistance gene can also be transferred through human/animal pathogens not allowing the antibiotics to pass through.
  • New toxic substances can be produced by new genetic pathways increasing the plants production of toxic substances.
  • The creation of or worsening viruses may occur by engineering components of viruses into other plants.

Should these foods be labeled?

Genetically Modified Foods should be labeled. It's important to aware people who are consuming these new products of what they really are and how they can affect them. Such as people with allergies it's important for them to know what is in their food to avoid an allergic reaction. Many mothers and other shoppers like to know what is in their food and if it's safe enough to feed their families, without these labels these decisions can't be made. It would be highly appropriate if GMF's were labeled.

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