Easter Greetings!

from Mission Behind Bars and Beyond

"God found me through a great ministry provided by you all!"

Facebook has allowed us to keep up with our former congregation members and mentees in ways we never could before. It’s always great to get a “friend” request from someone we knew behind the bars. It’s even better to hear that they are doing well and have successfully made the transition beyond the bars.

Anthony messaged me this, "I've been hanging in there Rev. Bucalos using everything Mission Behind Bars taught me. I'm very grateful today & blessed to be able to minister to people for God through my experiences and lIfe's lessons....I remember that release day you was there for me and allowed me to have a smooth transition back into society. That alone has helped me reach success and help others any way I can....God found me (in prison) through a great ministry provided by you all!"

Testimonies like Anthony's are made possible by you, our partners and friends. You can help many more returning citizens come back home--with new knowledge, new skills and with new hope. Your gift will not only help reclaim a life; it will also be a gift to future generations--the gift of a safer, wiser, more humane world. Together, we can make a difference.

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