the latest hits

Welcome to my first music magazine!

So lets start off simple, the song Radioactive by Imagine Dragons is about the singers depression and trying to rise above that,then the video is telling you what is "radioactive" about the song/video. The pink little bear is the girls secret weapon,it's radioactive as the song says,"Radioactive,radioactive" the bear shoots laser beams and stuff. Bizzare.

The song Royals by Lorde is that they don't care about other peoples love life and in the song they say" We don't care."They really don't care about the other celebrities think/do. In the song they also say"We didn't come for money." because they didn't.

So i'm might stop this magazine after the next two songs or maybe three...yeah, three.It's just hard to keep on writing when thinking if the article is long or short and you worry about it. So I might do two.WHO KNOWS?! Anyway, lets get back to the hits!

The song Roar by Katy Perry hit the top of the charts for 3 to 4 weeks straight! I personally think it's a pretty good song, though it gets a little annoying from time to time when they over play it. Millions of people love the song,and i don't blame them. I personally think that it's about being brave and facing your fears. I don't really know, but there is one person who knows for a fact..KATY PERRY!

The last song I am going to talk about the song Brave by Sara Bareilles. I personally don't really like the song, but it's okay. I think that it's about speaking up. She says "Say what you wanna say, and let the words fall out,honestly, I WANNA SEE YOU BE BRAVE." so I think that's a wrap everybody. I will write to you again soon!