Flame Resistant Textile

Why did NASA make Flame Resistant Textile?

So if something went wrong and the rocket caught fire they would be able to survive the fire. NASA's space suits and spacecraft are designed to insulate and protect astronauts from a range of temperature extremes — from the bone-chilling minus 455 degrees Fahrenheit of deep space to the scorching hot 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit

Why did NASA make Flame resistant textile?

During the 1970s and 1980s, PBI was instrumental to NASA's spaceflight program, and the material was used extensively on Apollo, Skylab and numerous space shuttle missions. PBI fibers were used in astronaut flight suits, clothing, and on tethers and other gear that required extreme thermal tolerance and durability.

How does it help us today?

Firefighters the military motor sports and other industries use them in case of fire. Firefighters use them to rescue people from fire. We can get it for our furniture clothes ect. so we/it don't catch on fire

The design form or function did change.

They used it on their space suits, but we use it on our clothes furniture suits ect.

It was not proposed for a special mission they used them all the time