Poetry Project

Braxten Frazier

Free Verse

Guinea Pig

My Best Friend

Guinea Pig

My homie

Guinea Pig

not a pig

Guinea Pig

And not a Guinea

Guinea Pig

~Dedicated to the Homies we've lost"

I Wish Poem

I wish

I wish I had enough money to buy an island

I wish I had ideas good enough to have money

I wish I had magic powers

I wish I had the ability to fly

I wish I had the world in my hand

I wish I had endless tacos

I wish I had good grades

I wish I had a magic wand

to make all my wishes

come true.

The Ballad of the Stars

The stars at home with the sky

waiting to be wished upon

shining as bright as ever

shining forever

But nothing happened something was wrong

The clouds up so high

blocking everything from sight

until the wind blew

so the stars could be seen shining bright and true

And now everything was right