Healthy relationship

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What is a realtionship?

Relationship is a connection between 2 people or more. A relationship is when people know each other. There are alot of types of relationship in this world. Friends, girlfriend/ boyfriend, relatives/ family...

You want to have a healthy relationship?

Be respectful to your partner's privacy

Be respectful to them

Be honest

Be easy-going

Be caring

Be respectful to them and their privacy

Everybody needs their own space and privacy. Respect their own personal life, sometimes your partner have things that they want to keep to their own, just like you. There are things that you dont need to know about them, and you don't necessary to know.

Be honest

If you did something wrong or something that your partner should know, tell them. This is the key to a healthy relationship.

Be easy-going

Be easy, don't be too strict or harsh to your partner if they do something that you don't like. Also if they did something wrong, don't point it out and yell at them. Just be gentle and tell them calm, slowly.

Be caring

Be caring to your partner, know and understand their feelings. Also know what they like, health,... Ask them questions when they don't feel well.

What NOT to do.


and opposite of the things above!


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