Johnson's Jottings



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Natural Disaster Project

We recently wrapped up our Natural Disaster Project that tied to reading, science, and social studies. Students worked with partners to research their natural disaster as well as specific disasters in history. After their research they created a newscast that we filmed using a green screen background. They took their videos and created a movie in iMovie on their iPads that we intend to share with you at conferences along with their diorama of natural disaster.

Tornado House Project

Students worked together in pairs to create a house out of straws, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, toothpicks, five note cards, two pieces of paper, paperclips, and tape. The goal of the project was to show the impact a tornado can have on homes and other buildings. They researched ways builders have attempted to tornado proof homes in prone areas. The final test was the houses being able to stand up to the full force of a blowdryer for 60 seconds. The house had to stay completely intact, even if it blew off the table. Two out of the nine houses passed the "tornado test".
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