Garth Brooks

By Rachael Cooper

Garth Brooks, The Country Singer/Songwriter Sensation!

Garth Brooks is famous in the musical world because he is the best-selling solo artist in the century of the U.S. Many awards, broken records, sold out concerts!! And to think, all this happened just by singing in clubs and bars. Brooks started out like everyone else. But Brooks is known as one of the greats.
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Early Life

Garth Brooks was born February 7th, 1962, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Brooks parents hosted weekly talent nights. Brooks was forced to perform either singing or doing a skit. Brooks learned how to play guitar and banjo. Through Brooks school years, he was focused on sports. After school, Brooks went to perform at bars and clubs in Oklahoma. An entertainment attorney went to listen to Brooks. The attorney offered Brooks a demo. Brooks first album reached number 2 on the U.S country album chart.

Musical Accomplishments

Brooks has broken records for album sales and concert attendance. From 1989 till 2013 Brooks has sold 68,630,000 albums. Brooks has won Grammy Awards, and American Music Awards. On October 21, 2012, Brooks was inducted into the Hall Of Fame. Brooks is one of the world best-selling artists of all time.


Brooks Retired from touring/performing 2000. He retired to focus on family. At the time, his wife was Sandy Mahl (which later on they break up, Brooks will marry Trisha Yearwood.) Brooks still sold albums during retirement. Brooks comes back from retirement in 2009.
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This is Sandy Mahl and Garth Brooks.
Brooks finished his tour in San Jose California, on November 15th. Brooks has made many accomplishments in his life. Who knows, there may be more to come. Brooks is now 53 and his still singing his heart out. Long after Brooks is gone he will be remembered.
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