Pet Adoption

Today's The Day!

Have you been looking for a new little guy to bring into the family? Well now's your chance! Stop by the Mansfield Animal Shelter and check out all our little friends, they all need a great home.

Also, if you're family is having a tough time with your little feline friend, you can bring them here and give them a chance to have a better home

Pet Adoption

Thursday, April 10th, 9pm

Mansfield Center, Mansfield, CT, United States

Mansfield, CT

230 Clover Mill Rd.
Mansfield CT 06268

Weekdays: by appointment between 9AM and 4PM
Weekends: open house 10AM - 11AM and by appointment
Holidays: closed


The shelter is always in need of supplies. We currently need dry cat and dog food and cat litter. All donations, even small ones, are welcome.