Wildcat Orchestra

Weekly Update #11

What a Concert!

Holy cow! I am still so happy about this weeks concert. Congratulations again on a job well done! Not only does it show how quickly your students can learn, but also gives me a glimpse of what they can be by the end of the year. I know that the growth you will see in the Spring is going to be fantastic.

Next weeks schedule is as follows:
Monday (11/16) - 7th grade morning rehearsal (8th grade lessons - violins)
Tuesday (11/17) - 8th grade morning rehearsal (6th grade lessons)
Wednesday (11/18) - 7th grade morning rehearsal
Thursday (11/19) - 6th grade morning rehearsal (7th grade lessons)
Friday (11/20) - Wildcat Symphony morning rehearsal (8th grade lessons - viola/cello/bass)

Starting next week we will be starting new units in all grades pull out lessons! Don't forget to check the schedule and get excited for lessons - we are all in for a treat!

Solo and Ensemble Contest and GEF Recital Night

By now you have gotten a few e-mails regarding these two performance opportunities. Although these seem like ages away, I do need to know who is committed to playing at these events soon. I have attached the registration forms for both to this e-mail. They are due by MONDAY, NOV. 23! No late registrations will be taken.

GEF Recital Night - Tuesday, Feb. 2nd (free!)
Solo and Ensemble Contest - Saturday, Feb. 20th ($6 fee)

Students who plan to participate in Solo and Ensemble Contest should perform at GEF Recital Night as it is a GREAT practice for the contest a few weeks later.

Stay Tuned...

Trimester 2 lesson schedules are coming out next week! Can you believe it is already that time?!

Musical Moment of the Week

This week I'm going back to my favorite group - The Piano Guys. They recently came out with a new song that was dedicated to all of their founders and sponsors thanking them for their support. As this was our fall concert week, I am using this video to thank YOU. Although I don't have a piano or cello with all of your and your students names on it, without you this program wouldn't exist! So, thank you. This song goes out to each and every one of you!
When Stars and Salt collide - Coldplay, A Sky Full of Stars (piano/cello cover)