The New England Region


Our states in the Northeast are Maine, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, New Hamphshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Some of the geographical features are the Appalation Mountains, the Atlantic Coastal Plains, and the Adirondocks (part of the Appalations.)
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Appalachian Mountains

Here are the Appalachian Mountains, they have a lot more trees and green than the Rocky Mountains.

Famous People

Some people that live or lived in the Northeast are Taylor Swift, John Kennedy, and Theodore Roosevelt.
Here is a website that shows the tourists attractions

Some tourists attractions are the Atlantic Ocean, Mt. Washington, and Statue of Liberty.

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If you live in the northeast everyone knows the famous Broadway. Broadway is a very famous theater in New York where stars act in musicals, it's a very entertaining.
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Atlantic Ocean

One of the many tourists attractions there is also the Atlantic Ocean. With beaches, fishing and plainly have a good time.
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Crops in the Northeast

In the northeast region they grow a lot of different types of grains and crops. Like weat and corn, and they have very good crop growing/farming land.
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Interesting Information about the Northeast

One interesting fact of the Northeast region is that Maine only boarders one other state in the