The Power and the Danger of Bringing Data to the Masses

Information graphics... Infographics... Data visualization... Information design...

What's in a name?

Data visualization - a general term for a graphic or visual that presents either data or words.

According to, infographics are different in that they "have a flow to them. They're data visualizations that present complex information quickly and clearly.... Wherever you have deep data presented in visual shorthand, you have an infographic."

What Infographics Need...

  • visualizations that present complex information quickly and clearly
  • visualizations that integrate words and graphics to reveal information, patterns or trends
  • visualizations that are easier to understand than words alone
  • visualizations that are beautiful and engaging

Players in Infographic History

Where Are We Now?

Google Trending: Interest in Infographics on the Rise

The Good...

  • Original data from direct research
  • Data from reliable sources and studies
  • Data that withstands evaluation


The Bad...

  • Flimsy research
  • Erroneous statements
  • Miscalculation of data
  • Exaggerating to make a point

And the Ugly...

Any or all of the above, PLUS...

  • Misrepresenting data on purpose to manipulate audience
  • Ulterior motive of creator
  • Cherry-picking data to sway an audience

Types of Infographics

Infographic of Infographics

Kathy Schrock's "Steps to Create Your Infographic"

Tools to Create Your Own Infographics

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