The World Crisis

The Most Terrifying World War


WWII lasted from 1939 to 1945. There were two sides in the war. They were Allies & Axises. The Axises wanted to rule the world. Some Axises were Japan, Italy & Nazi, Germany. Some of the Allies were U.S.A & Britain. We got involved in the war by Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor. After that they became our arch enemy. In 1945 Japan surrendered on the deck of U.S. battleship, USS Missouri.

Similarities & differences/ present & past

The way people fought in WWII was different than today. In WWII, people used propeller planes with machine guns. Now we have jet fighters with missiles & machine guns. In WWII they had bombers. We still have bombers today with jets & air carriers that have lots of giant bullets & carry almost anything. Today & in WWII we used similar helmets. We used tanks & similar weapons.