Gifted and Talented Learners

3 Big Ideas

Myth: Gifted students are so smart they can do fine on their own in school and don’t need help. And they always get great grades.

They may be gifted but they still need guidance. They could be gifted in one subject and struggle in another so they need that support to be successful. In some cases they can be independent but they educators who will challenge them.

Myth: Gifted students are good role models for other students and can provide a challenge for them in a regular classroom.

This was interesting to me because I thought a lot of the gifted students are looked up to by their peers. Actually, students who aren’t gifted don’t much look to their gifted classmates as role models. Kids generally model behavior at which they believe they can succeed. If they see others that are gifted and talented then it could hurt their self confidence.

Myth: Gifted students develop socially and emotionally faster than other children their age.

Since they are more mature academically it makes them seem like they develop faster than others but it is at the same rate.


Why is it that the majority of GT learners are white or Asian?

Even though they say that 6% of k-12 are gifted learners is not a technical number, it seems low to me...I thought there would be a higher percentage at this time. I wonder if it has to do with the growth in technology?

Actions to take immediately:

Support my learners in every subject and develop new challenges everyday!