Course Update

Mrs. Brumbelow: American Literature


Grades have been updated, and zeros have been entered for missing work. Parents, please login with your parent auditor account to view your student's average which is updated every Wednesday in the parent portal. You may also login as your student to view more specific grade information. Here is a link to help you set up and manage your account:

GAVS does not observe a Fall Break.

Late Work Policy

The late work policy is as follows:
Friday = 1 day late 10% off
Saturday = 1 day late 10% off
Sunday = 1 day late 10% off
Monday = 2 days late 20% off
Tuesday = 3 days late 30% off

After 3 days late, I am not allowed to accept the assignment for credit.

Adobe Chats

Just a reminder that my Adobe Chats/Office Hours are Wednesdays at 4:00 p.m. If students can't attend the live meetings, that's fine. However, they are highly encouraged to view the recording of the chats. I cover important information in these sessions that will help them to be more successful in the class.