People of the Greatest Generation

Here are a few examples of famous people from the Greatest Generation

Audie Murphy

Audie Murphy was the most famous and decorated solider in WWII. He won awards for valor and honor from many different countries including the U.S., France and Beliguim. He won the Congressional Medal of Honor, the highest praise given to those in military service, when he was only 19 years old. He died a tragic death in 1971 from a plane crash. He represents what people of his generation are like, and what they aim to be like.

Dwight Eisonhower

Dwight Eisonhower was the president of the United States in 1953, but what most people don't know is that he was also the supreme commander of the Allied Forces in WWII. He led the Allied Forces to victory with his intelligence and tactical knowlegde. Along with that, he also endured the worst of the Depression in his teens, so he experieneced firsthand the effects of the economic crash.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt was the First Lady during the Depression and WWII. She was very close with the people of the nation, and did all she could to help the middle class and poor. She helped with social causes for the U.S. and even supported civil rights way before the civil rights movement. She remains a beloved figure of the era.

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra may have been the most hated man in America to the soliders in WWII. Soliders hated him because while they were out on the battle fields protecting their country, he was in the U.S. singing and getting all the ladies. Despite this wartime animosity, he remains a cherished icon of American music. Old Blue Eyes had one of the greatest voices of the era.
Joltin' Joe DiMaggio

Joe DiMaggio

Joe DiMaggio was arguagbly one of the best baseball players of all time. However, not only was he a legend of sport, he was also a solider in WWII. Although he never saw action in any major conflict, his prowess on the diamond earns him a place among the greats of the Greatest Generation.
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