Secrest Weekly Update

October 15th

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COVID Safety:

  • This has been SUCH a hard year for all of us, and we wish this pandemic would end soon. For our in-person families, we know how big your worries are about your children's health, and how challenging it can be when we have to send students home for symptoms. For our remote families, supporting your children through virtual learning every day is also very taxing. We want you to know how much we appreciate you!

  • The percentage of Covid cases in our neighborhood has doubled since this summer. Below is an important message from our Jeffco Health Department. As you are making plans for this long weekend, please stay safe! We want to keep our school open and our teachers as well as our students healthy. We really appreciate your support!

  • In addition to masks and handwashing, another way to protect our school and our community is to get tested when family members show symptoms. We know that a potential quarantine is very hard on our working families if a child tests positive. However, sending students to school who are potentially positive without testing, could cause a whole classroom or even the school to shut down if several students and teachers got sick. Please see this link for testing centers in the Jeffco area.
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Announcements and Resources

  • Welcome Ms. Perrie! Please welcome our new learning specialist, Ms. Perrie to our Secrest Family. She will be supporting our remote learners with special needs. We are lucky to have found such an experienced and caring teacher!

  • How is school going so far? Jeffco Public Schools would like to get some feedback from parents.Your feedback last spring helped us make improvements for this fall. Help us keep improving. Your answer are specific to your school and will only be shared anonymously. Please go to this link to provide feedback.

  • Kindergarten Devices: Our Kindergarten iPads will not be usable anymore after October 30th. Unfortunately, due to low enrollment, we didn't have the funds to replace them. Instead the district provided us with loaner Chromebooks to get us through this school year. We know that Chromebooks without touch screens are less than ideal for the type of fun learning activities our Kindergarten team is providing. If you would like to provide your own tablet or device for your child to use, please see the following links:

Connecting devices to the Jeffco network
District policy regarding personal devices

  • Secrest values Family/School Partnerships! The following link takes you to our Title 1 documentation of your rights as a member of a Title 1 school, how we prioritize our Title 1 funds, and the Family/School Compact which represents the commitments made by caregivers, staff and students as members of the Secrest Community. The compact is a living document, meaning that it can and should change to be reflective of the students, staff and caregivers who comprise our school. We value your voice in school decisions! Please look for upcoming parent meeting dates to be a part of this process. Secrest Title 1 Documents

  • Repeat: Yearbooks from the 19-20 school year are available for purchase for $16.00.

    Please call the office or email Sandy at if you would like to purchase one. We accept Visa/MC/Discover, check or cash.

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Trunk or Treat Halloween at Secrest

Friday Oct. 30 6-7:30 PM, Secrest Parking Lot

Hope Connection and Community will host a Trunk or Treat. The event is free for all ages and everyone is invited. Masks (the Covid not costume kind) are required to enter. Please use designated entrances and follow social distance guidelines as provided at this fun family event.

Do you have any questions?

Please feel free to call or email us!

Ms. Judy Edwards (Preschool)


Mrs. Camacho (Attendance & Registration)


Ms. Holly (Family & Community Liaison)


Ms. Sandy (Principal & Financial Secretary)


Ms. Franziska (Principal)