100 Plus!

We have been pretty busy! We finally made it to 100 days of school and did lots of research on community helpers and the American Flag. Of course we have done even more than just that!

100th Day Of School

Last week we celebrated the 100th day of school. We spent the day doing lots of different activities, and lots of counting. The kids made gum ball machines by painting groups of ten with a q-tip. We read a book about what you can make with 100 things. Then the kids thought of things they would make with 100 things and labeled it. We also did our "gallery walk." We counted the items they brought from home by 10's, then we all walked around the room and compared the objects. Sometimes 100 looks like a lot, and other times it seems so small like the 100 grains of rice one child brought. The kids had a great day. I heard a lot of "this was the best day ever!" comments. ;)

Puzzle Excitement

On Fridays for intervention time we all stay in our class and work on something. This particular day I decided to put the kids in small groups to work together on 100 piece puzzles. It was probably my favorite thing to watch them do the whole year! It was so neat to see the kids take charge and work as a group to put these together. As one group would finish they would break up and go help another group. By the end they all worked together to get al of them finished. Normally intervention time is 20 minutes. I let it go on this day until they finished after 1 hour. Not one kid got frustrated and quit! They were so proud of themselves when they were finished!

Sight Word Fun

The kids loved playing the sight word game on the smart board. I am very impressed with how well they are picking up the sight words, and using their strategies to figure them out as well!

Community Helpers

We spent 2 weeks reading non fiction books about community helpers and taking notes from Pebble Go about whichever helper each child chose. Each day we took notes on a different aspect of the community helpers job. The kids really did such a good job taking down their own information and putting it all together. Right now I have the final product hanging outside the room. The kids chose either a police officer, firefighter, construction worker, doctor or dentist. Writing non fiction peices is very different from a narrative that we had been focused on.

American Flag

The last week was spent talking about symbols of The United States, with our main focus on the flag. We read several non fiction books, then write facts about the flag. It was great to see them gain so much knowledge and make text to world connections! They did a great job recalling facts from the books we read.

The Magic House

Friday, Feb. 19th, 9:15am

Kirkwood, MO, United States

Kirkwood, MO

I sent home the permission slip today. Please send back 6.00 and the permission slip by next Tuesday. Any volunteers must be cleared by district ahead of time.