Much Ado About Nothing

By: Hayley Splan

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Claudio asks for Hero's hand in marriage

This scene was important to the play because it is the whole plot of the play. Claudio and Hero getting married is the what this story revolves around. Claudio and Hero are obviously meant to be so this also helps us predict the ending of the play. This moves along the plot because now the readers have something to look forward too. This reveals that Claudio and Hero both love each other.
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Claudio seeing "Hero" with another man

This scene is important to the play for many reasons. When this happens it throws the readers for a twist. This act will lead up to Claudio making a huge scene, (which I will get to next.) Without this scene the play would be much less dramatic. This moved along the plot to make it the peak and the most interesting part of the play. It revealed that Claudio is horrified about what he saw; and Hero is unsure because she is not even the mistress in the window.
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Hero and Claudio eventually getting married

In the end Hero and Claudio do finally wed. This showed that love is endless and that without it in life we are lost. This scene is important because it shows how dedicated they both really were to each other. This moved the plot along because it finally shows what we all hoped would happen, that Claudio and Hero get married. This revealed that through it all Hero and Claudio did truly love one another.

Love is Blind

Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Lyrics)
The theme I chose was, love is blind. This theme is important to the play because we can be so blinded by what we think we saw, when we should really just follow our hearts. The song I chose was, "This Crazy Little Thing Called Love," by "Queen." I chose this song because the lyrics really spoke to me, when the band says, "I must get round to it, because I ain't ready," it shows that love doesn't always come straight to us, sometimes we have to really search for it because we can be so blinded by something else. When in reality it is really just right in front of us. Claudio is blind when he thinks he saw "Hero" with another man. This is a lesson that in today's society is still to be true. Love really is Blind.