Progessive wasting of muscle tissue

Where does amyothrophy occur in the brain?

it occurs in the spinal cord of the brain and it prevents them from sending impulses to the muscle.

What are the effects of amyotrophy?

Weakness, paralysis, and eventual death, usually when the muscles that control respiration fail. The intellect, eye motion, and bladder control are not affected.

What are the symptoms?

The earliest symptoms may include a flicker of movement under the skin, cramps, tight and stiff muscles, muscle weakness affecting an arm or a leg, slurred and nasal speech, or difficulty chewing or swallowing

What are the prognosis?

There is no cure for Amyotrophy. Treatment focuses on relieving symptoms and maintaining an optimal quality of life. Treatment is based on individual therapy and the continual adaptation of medications. Riluzole (Rilutek®) is one of the few drugs so far proven to be effective against amyotrophy