George Washington's Presidency

By: Lauren Hanusey

How Did He Shape the Presidency??

Washington's precendents

He came up with ideas like:

  • Establishing the idea of having cabinet advisors
  • Issuing the 1st Thanksgiving Proclamation
  • Supporting ideas like the Bank of America
  • Forming the Navy
  • Introducing a policy of neutrality during foreign wars

Some of his accomplishments were:

  • Leading the continental army during the American Revolution and winning the battle
  • Being the first president
  • Establishing different forms of government that still last today

Was Washington an effective leader??

Washington's Leadership Lessons

  • Treating others with tons of respect
  • Holding his men accountable
  • Taking his responsibility for his men and always believing in them

Leadership Qualities Shown by Washington:

  • Toughness- Always making it through even through the toughest times
  • Persistence- He never gave up
  • Organization- He a very organized army and government