L2 Quiz DUE

きんようび〜FridayーFeb 5, 2016

Today's Important Info:

  • L2 quiz is DUE TODAY.
    • Please don't forget to take your quiz for lesson 1 AND lesson 2.
  • Please use the Quizlets to study your vocablary and Hiragana for this week. You can find those links below.

L2 Speaking Assignment was due YESTERDAY.
Please make sure you say: "denwa bangou WA ### NO #### DESU". Please make sure you have the correct particles in the right place when doing your speaking assignments. Learning the correct particle usage is very important to learn to make sense in Japanese.

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Lesson 2 Wrap Up

Make sure you have completed all of the following for lesson 2:
  1. L2 Writing Assignment
  2. L2 Cultural Discussion (plus the 2 comments to your classmate's postings)
  3. L2 Speaking Assignment
  4. L2 Quiz
  5. L2 Language Coaching Sessions 1 & 2 (If you missed a session, make it up ASAP.)
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Your Grades: Please make sure you are checking the "Your Grades" tab to find your grades, and what assignments you are missing/still need to do. ^_^ (Continue to check the Calendar Due Dates tab for assignment due dates.) Please make up all your 0% as soon as possible.

Don't forget to take your Academic Integrity Quiz (Week 1), L1 Quiz, and L2 Quiz.The progress report will consist of Week 1, Lesson 1, and Lesson 2 assignments.

Be sure all of your work and missing work have been submitted ASAP by Monday 9PM, including your missed coaching sessions.

Language Coaching Reminder:

Language Coaching Sessions: Please make sure you attend coaching sessions at your designated time, day, and coach. It's a big part (20%) of your grade, and very important to attend! If you have an emergency and can't attend the session, please email your coach right away to let her/him know. If you miss a coaching session, please go to the "Your Coach" tab and scroll down to read how you can make up coaching sessions.

Some of you are still not following directions on the following!

*Make sure you are using FIREFOX and NOT GOOGLE CHROME for this class, as well as coaching sessions!
*Make sure too your Java is up to date! You can check by going to java.com to test it.

Click here for ALL the info for Coaching sessions

Click this link to find troubleshoots for coaching, learn different ways to attend. Learn how to attend using a phone! ^o^ If you're having trouble >.< with attending coaching, here are some info to help you. ^.^

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Week 3 Newsletter

Please go over this newsletter for this week if you haven't already. ^o^