A Prayer

For Redeemer Men

Praying to be Men of God

Below is a video of a poem written by John Piper entitled, "The Calvinist." It is a wonderful encapsulation of what I desire to be as a man of God and my prayer for every man who becomes a part of our Redeemer family. It paints a picture of a man who is humble yet bold, broken yet confident, powerful yet gentle - all in the power of Christ.

"Calvinist" means someone who aligns with the doctrine of the theologian John Calvin. Most notably he stood against the masses within the Church in his unwavering conviction from Scripture about the supreme sovereignty of God in all things, the total wickedness of man left to himself, and the complete substitution by Jesus on the cross for man's sins and the newness of life in Christ marked by enduring obedience. Redeemer's doctrine is most definitely Calvinist, but only because we believe it to be the truth from God's Word directly.


My prayer for myself and for you is that you would watch this video with conviction, and that you would desire this video to describe the man you would like to be. This is my hope for every man who comes and hears the life-giving truth of the gospel. And that out of this we will lead in our homes, in our church and in our city in a way where we see God do things we wouldn't believe if simply told.


I've included you in this email because my prayer is that you would pray for the men in our Redeemer family. Pray for their souls - that they would desire nothing more than to love their King with all they have. And stir us on with kind and simple words of encouragement to become the men God is calling us to be.

To God be the Glory!

The Calvinist