The outlines of the teaching profession

Salary Comparisons

1. California $70,394

2.Massachusetts $65,897

3. New York $64,583

4. Virginia $59,585

5. Illinois $58,756

6. Texas $58,325

7. Pennsylvania $56,629

8. Georgia $56,227

9. Florida $53,789

10. Ohio $53,309

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Job Descriptions

~Making administrative and budget decisions

~Chaperoning classes and trips

~Prioritizing teaching methods

~Completing parent and student Counseling

~Enforcing rules and disciplinary action

~Lecturing and discussing concepts

~Preparing material for presentations

~Grading tests and conducting progress reports

~Recordkeeping student activities in accordance with laws and school policies

How has education contributed to history?

~Warda Ashraf: Education has helped us achieve many things throughout the history as we have advanced in technology and living style.

~Diana Acosta: Our community has become more educated, students have graduated and achieved their goals in the career they wanted.

~Elizabeth Holland: Education has improved history so much. We have evolved as a society because of education. We need to education to keep improving.

~Kayla Bridges: Education has brought immeasurable amounts of knowledge to the malleable minds of young children around the world. Creating minds akin to those of Einstein and Tesla and many others. Education has not only molded our society but our cultures as well.

~Hannah Hill: Helped create things like science development innovations. Learning new things help invent technology that would help improve human conditions.

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