Every day

Author: David Levithan

Who will he be next?

A new transformation every day. No way to control it, no way to stop it. So what do you do when you fall in love with a human........
Every Day Book Trailer - David Levithan
“A sound waiting to be a word.”

― David Levithan, Every Day

Character Analysis

The protagonist of this story is A. He or she nobody really knows not even A. This is because A switches bodies everyday and never had a body of his own. He's portrayed as a caring, thoughtful, but lost character. One way he is caring is no matter how far away he was from Rhiannon he found a way to go to her and talk to her. He tried his hardest to be with her which also demonstrates that he is very determined. The reason he is also a "lost" character is because he doesn't really know himself. He talks about how when he was younger he never really had the same parents and how he thought switching bodies was how life was meant to be. Some conflict that he came across was within himself. He always had a feeling of loneliness because he could never have one friend that would understand or stay with him. This is why it was so hard for him to let Rhiannon go because she was the one he fell in love with.

Setting & Theme

The setting of this story occurs in Maryland however the city changes every day due to the fact that A is someone new.

The theme however is If you love something let it go. Because A finally realized he could never be with Rhiannon so he let her go. He made the body he was entrapped in fall in love with her because he felt that she deserved more than he could give her.

The setting made the story more intriguing because every time A switched bodies it would leave you wondering how far from Rhiannon he would be or who he would be that day. Also it would make you wonder if he would ever be the same person. The theme left you hanging because we never know what happened to A. You don't know if he still thinks about Rhiannon or if she ever really let him go.

Praise or Pan?

Every Day a book that will leave you speechless, but wanting more. He calls himself "A" but to the world he isn't seen as anything but, the body he possess. These changes have been occurring every since he was "born". He never had the type of life that our society portrays as normal. This was his normal he felt this is how life was supposed to be.

This book will make you look at love in a new way, it will leave your mind open along with your heart. The two main characters are Rhiannon and A or Andrew. They first meet when A inhabits Justin's body. Usually he has a set of rules to comply to, so he won't get attached to anyone because he knows that it's only temporary. However, once he meets Rhiannon he can't control how he feels. He doesn't know how to deal with it because he's never experienced emotion before. Their first journey begins at the beach. Rhiannon has no idea that her boyfriend isn't actually her boyfriend. Andrew can't help but to let his emotions take over, as time goes on the two make a trip to the beach. On the same note, he begins to ask her more and more questions, trying to get to know her the best he can. Like all of his transformations it must come to an end at midnight. However, this time A doesn't want anything to change he wants to stay where he is.

I would recommend this book because its very suspenseful and leaves you hanging. However there is a lot of mixed topics from love to violence and this will reach out to kids my age because it's not boring or too factual its just the right amount of romance and suspense