The Bear Necessities...PAT Edition

February 1, 2016

PAT Supervisor Survey

This year part of the principal evaluation process includes a teacher survey. We did not have a survey appropriate for Parent Educator input. We worked with Columbia to developed a survey to gather input from Parent Educators. We will use this information to better the way we support you in your work here. Please know that this survey is to be completed by you, each of you will have a chance to give input, so a collaborative effort is not necessary. You will receive two surveys from Teresa Vick via email, please complete by the end of week. We did ask that you comment on items that gained a lower score, so that we can take this information and possibly make it an action step.

Thank you

New DESE Requirement:

The Planning Guide is a requirement for the family file and should contain, at a minimum, the first page of the Foundational Lesson Plans #1-#8. The complete Planning Guide is required for the family files for all visits after the eighth visit.

ASIRT Training Reminder:

Remember to be here March 4th by 8:15 ready for ASIRT Training. We will learn a lot that day and look forward to having this information as a tool to use in an emergency situation. Dress comfortably.