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10/26/2018- Your Weekly Update for Mayfield Intermediate

One Quarter Down!

Congratulations to all our students, staff, and parent/guardians as we complete our first quarter of the school year on October 26, 2018! The first quarter of the school year is always one of the most fast paced quarters due to the new surroundings.

Our 5th grade students have done a great job at transitioning to Mayfield and learning how to show their Bobcat Best each and everyday. Our 6th grade students have done a good job at leading by example. We also have several new staff members who have done an exceptional job and we are fortunate for them to be part of our Bobcat family!

As we continue the school year we do have areas to work on. At Mayfield every day is an opportunity to learn and grow. At Mayfield, if we can challenge everyone who walks through our doors to think critically, create something new, collaborate with their peers and colleagues, communicate their own thoughts and ideas, and make our community a better place, then we had a great day.

Keep up the great work and keep growing!

Mr. Frischkorn

Mix-It-Up Day at Lunch

On Tuesday we held our first Mix-It-Up Day at Lunch. Our students were provided the opportunity to sit and eat with new people that they may never have known before. Each table was labeled by a month. Students were asked to sit at a table with their birthday month labeled on in. Each table had dice and a game that had several different conversation starters. After the initial awkward stage, and with a little help from our amazing staff, students starting opening up and building new friendships. This is so important as we continue to make Mayfield one community of leaders and learners.

No School on Monday, October 29th

This is a reminder that students do not have school on Monday, October 29th. The teachers are scheduled for a work day. As we move into November I want to make sure that everyone is aware of the upcoming days in which students do not report to school.

  • November 6, 2018 - Election Day-Teacher Professional Development Day
  • November 12, 2018 - Veteran's Day
  • November 21, 22, and 23 - Thanksgiving Break

Project Based Learning with Mr. Stubler's Class

In Mr. Stubler’s class, students participated in a mock trial regarding the novel Freak the Mighty. In the novel, a character, Killer Kane, Max’s father, is put on trial for the murder of his wife (Max’s mother). At varying points in the story, the students inferences on Killer Kane’s character are challenged and their opinions of him change. The mock trial takes place after chapter 17, when Killer Kane’s innocence seems plausible.

Each student researched a role: Judge, Jury, Bailiff, Prosecution, Defense, or character witnesses. The character witnesses were the characters from the book. Students used the text to support their statements and opinions on whether Killer Kane was guilty or not guilty. The judge, jury, and bailiff each kept detailed notes on the presented information and compared it to information from the book. The accuracy of the information presented, as well as the inferences made by witness and attorneys, determines the winning side. The judge, jury, and bailiff were allowed to give their opinions.

Students were to prepare a written statement from the perspective of their character (personal narrative). They also needed to identify their author’s purpose (attorneys to persuade, witnesses to inform, lying witnesses to entertain). If their role did not require a written statement, they were to complete an opinion essay on their beliefs at the beginning of the trial. At the conclusion of the trial, they were to re-examine their original essay, and determine if their opinion had changed.

November Wellness Theme- "Food Allergy Alert"

1st Quarter Highlights!