Using Primary Search

A Database within EbscoHost

What is Primary Search?

Primary Search is a database created specifically for elementary age students. It contains many full text articles from children's magazines, as well as encyclopedia articles, images, videos, and more.

While it is a great resource for our students, it is invaluable for teachers in their search for age and level appropriate informational texts. Some of the features include the ability to translate the articles, have the articles read aloud, and more.

Gaining Access

To gain access to the Primary Search Database, you can use one of three easy methods:

1. From within the school district (using district credentials), click on the Digital Prairie link under Online Academic Resources. Once there, clicking on EbscoHost will allow you to choose Primary Search to begin looking for resources.

2. Outside of the district (using Metrolibrary credentials), navigate to the homepage and click the tab marked Research. Click "P" to narrow the list of possible databases and choose Primary Search.

3. Use OSU credentials to sign in and access the database from the OSU Library. Navigate to the library homepage, click on Search & Find and choose databases. Click on "P" to narrow the list of choices and choose Primary Search.

Video Tutorials

The following video tutorials will walk you through the process of locating materials using the Primary Search database.

Using Primary Search - Gaining Access
Using Primary Search: Advanced Search Features
Using Primary Search - Interact with Sources
Written Instructions for Primary Search

Click the button above for written instructions on using Primary Search to locate materials for your students.

Questions and Suggestions

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