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Busy Times!

The Spring semester finished and everyone in the went into the field for the summer! While the semester was busy with classes and lab research there was also some traveling. Most of our students and faculty attended the Society of American Archaeologists annual meeting in Orlando. This is the largest Archaeology conference of the year. We also had several students and faculty attend smaller conferences throughout the US and Canada. Ted Goebel was keynote speaker at the Canadian Archaeological Association's conference May 7th in Whitehorse, YT.

Center student updates:
  • PhD student John Blong defended his thesis and graduated in May!
  • Undergraduate Annie Melton graduated and is attending graduate school at the University of Minnesota. We will miss both of them and know they will be very successful in their future endeavors.
  • Jesse Tune, who earned his doctorate last August is now a full-time faculty member at Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO. We are very excited for him.
  • Heather Smith, a recent PhD Center graduate, is working as a faculty member at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM!

The Center Board meeting was held in Salt Lake City in April. Ted Goebel, Kelly Graf, and Mike Waters, along with the CSFA Board had a productive meeting and went on a few field trips. They visited the Natural History Museum and toured Danger Cave and the Bonneville Estates Rockshelter.

Mike Waters, former Center student Jessi Halligan, and current Center PhD student Angelina Perrotti, along with co-authors published an article in Science Advances on the Pre-Clovis occupation at the Page-Ladson site Florida.

Another book was published in our Peopling of the Americas publications! Geoarchaeology & Radiocarbon Chronology of Stone Age Northeast Asia, available through TAMU Press.

The summer was busy with fieldwork. Center students and faculty were in Alaska, Florida, Nevada, and Texas.
  • Kelly Graf and Center graduate student Angela Gore conducted a field school in Alaska.
  • PhD student Morgan Smith was in Florida investigating submerged Paleoindian sites in rivers throughout the state.
  • Mike Waters and several Center graduate and undergraduate students were back in Texas investigating the Friedkin site.

Everyone is back on campus and in the classrooms and labs as the fall semester is underway!
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Florida Field Work

Center PhD student Morgan Smith (Advisor, Michael Waters) is investigating submerged Paleoindian sites in rivers throughout the state as part of his dissertation, which aims to better understand the role of the Southeastern United States in the peopling of the Americas. A great group of volunteers assisted Morgan in conducting a coring operation to locate intact, late Pleistocene deposits in the Silver River of central Florida. With help from the Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research, Morgan also conducted an underwater remote sensing survey of a proposed mammoth kill site in Florida as a part of his attempts to re-evaluate the site's geologic context.