Australia's urnium

By Lucas


  • Australia is one of the largest produces and exporters of uranium
  • In 2010-11, Australia exported 6950 tonnes of uranium at a cost of 610 million dollars
  • Austrlalia has 1/3 of the worlds uranium

Fun Facts

  • Australia's uranium has been mined since 1954, and three mines are currently operating. More are planned.
  • In 2014 Australia produced 5897 tonnes of U3O8 (5000 tU). It is the world's third-ranking producer, behind Kazakhstan and Canada. All production is exported.
  • Australia uses no nuclear power, but with high reliance on coal any likely carbon constraints on electricity generation will make it a strong possibility.

Discover of uranium

Uranium was discovered in 1789 by Martin Klaproth, a German chemist, who isolated an oxide of uranium while analyzing pitchblende samples from the Joachimsal silver mines in the former Kingdom of Bohemia located in the present day Czech Republic.

Uranium facts

  • Uranium was apparently formed in supernovas about 6.6 billion years ago. While it is not common in the solar system, today its slow radioactive decay provides the main source of heat inside the Earth, causing convection and continental drift.
  • Uranium has a melting point of 1132°C. The chemical symbol for uranium is U.

Facts you did not know about uranium

  • On a scale arranged according to the increasing mass of their nuclei, uranium is one of the heaviest of all the naturally-occurring elements (Hydrogen is the lightest). Uranium is 18.7 times as dense as water.