Teacher Appreciation

February 2023

Hello Friends,

This is a very challenging time of year for schools. Teachers are starting to drag, EVERYONE is tired, and we are all staring down the barrel of state testing, just to name a few things. Now add to that, it is that time of year where teachers start contemplating if they want to remain at their current campus next year or start looking for what they think are greener pastures.

So, what are you doing to add in some fun for your teachers?

Here is a fun idea from January Shannon who teaches at Paschal High School in Fort Worth, Texas. My amazing sister, Jessica Leavitt, is an assistant principal at Pascal and told me all about it. With many of us experiencing the joys of winter weather, this idea is perfect!

Big picture
Paschal even had an award ceremony and trophy for the overall winner. My baby sister is the goofball in purple in case you were wondering.

Love you Jess!

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Bring me to your district!

I am starting to work with campus leaders on teacher retention. If you would like me to come work with you and/or your district let me know. You can find more information about presentations and workshops on my webpage.

Teacher Appreciation Week will be here before you know it! My book, School Transformation Through Teacher Appreciation, is full of ideas and available on Amazon.

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Thank you for loving teachers,

Kathleen Eckert

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