Albrecht Dürer

Bringer of the Renaissance to the North. By Jordan.


Albrecht Dürer had was born May 21, 1471 in Nuremberg, Bavaria (Now southern germany) and died April 6, 1528 in his birth town, Nuremberg, Bavaria. Through the course of his life, he traveled from the Rhine, to Italy, to the island of Bologna, to the Netherlands and many other remote places in Europe. But before all that, he started off as an apprentice of his father's successful goldsmith business. Soon after, he attended Latin school of St. Sebald, and then Michel Wohlgemuth trained him in the arts. He made many personal portraits and small paintings for wealthy families, but he made a variety of paintings to Charles V and Maximilian I. He usually created paintings that focused on Human Proportion (Humanism), or of vast Secularism, but also created woodcuts.

As you can see, his self portrait looks perfect in every way because of his proportionalism which displays Humanism in his work.

His Work

Avarice: extreme greed for wealth or material gain. (Interpret the painting with the definition as you will). The painting Avarice by Albrecht Dürer is very unique, strange, and unorthodox. Avarice was created in Vienna in 1507 during his trip to Austria when he befriended Giorgio Barbarelli da Castelfranco. This painting is now located in the Kunsthistorische Museum in Vienna. At the time, nudes were condemned as unacceptable to the Church, but not only is this picture a nude, but it depicts prostitution which is a cardinal sin in the eyes of the Catholic Church, which makes it extremely significant. I find it interesting because of how vulgar it is and based on all of his other paintings. This painting screams secularism at the mere sight of it because of how much it went against the church and that was a large premise of the Renaissance.

Interesting things: Dürer's Portait of a young Man is a fine painting but, his other paining Avarice is on the back. Perhaps it is a double meaning of the man on the front?


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