Avril Lavigne

By Madysen Dunlop

Pop Punk Princess

Avril Lavigne is known for her pop punk persona. She was the youngest female soloist to reach #1 in the U.K. Her first album Let Go was what made her one of the most popular pop punk artists and what earned her this title in the first place.
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Early Life

Avril Ramona Lavigne was born on September 27, 1984. She was born in Belleville, Ontario, Canada, but moved to Greater Napanee, Ontario when she was 5. She has an older brother and a younger sister who are named Matthew and Michelle. At age 15, Lavigne sang on stage with Shania Twain and then was signed to Arista Records.

Musical Accomplishments

Avril Lavigne has sold over 30 million albums since the start of her career. When her first album was released, it sold 16 million copies worldwide. In 2010, she released a single called "Alice", which was written for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. In 2015, she also released another single called "Fly" in association with the 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games.

Personal Life

Avril Lavigne has been married twice. She dated Deryck Whibley for 2 years until she married him in 2006. She divorced him, and then married Chad Kroeger in 2013. She has at least 8 tattoos, some including a star on her wrist, a lightning bolt and the number 30 also located on her wrist. In 2015 Lavigne revealed that she was diagnosed with Lyme disease, but is getting better.

"Why should I care what other people think of me? I am who I am. And who I wanna be."

Avril is still making music even while battling her disease. She has already released a single this year, and is planning on making (and releasing) a Christmas album.