Ardena Vanguard Update

April 2016

Hello! Below we have some exciting, and interactive ways to engage Ardena Leaders with their learning. As Vanguards, we are here to help you integrate any of these ideas into your classrooms. Please do not hesitate to reach out and ask us any questions ! We are happy to help you anytime!

-Tina, Lynn and Allison

iBooks Author

iBooks Author is an app on the computer that can be used by students to create their own books. Unlike iBooks, where students can only read downloaded books, iBooks Author allows the students to create their own book by choosing one of the provided templates and adding their own text, graphics, movies, quizzes, puzzles, and more.

Using the templates is easy – just drag and drop text and graphics and iBooks Author formats it for you. Additionally, students can boldface words to add them to the glossary page and can create notecards on what they read with the touch of a button. Any completed books created in this app can be shared with other students and saved in iBooks. You could essentially end up with a “class library” of student created books!

StopMotion Movies using Photobooth and iMovie

Students can create short Stop-Motion Videos to demonstrate any concept or skill using two applications already on their laptops: Photo Booth and iMovie.

First, students need to create a concept of what their movie will be about. Once they decide on their concept, students will take a picture in photo booth for every movement in their videos. Photos can be hand drawn or use objects such as clay or other classroom manipulatives.

Students then take all of photos and move them into iMovie. There the video is created

by all of the images being compressed together in a short movie. With some minor setting changes, students now have a short stop-motion movie!

Although it sounds challenging, once you do it one time it really is easy! The first video below is extremely helpful as it walks you through every step of the creating process. The other two videos are student examples.

The students really enjoy making these short movies and it is the perfect tool to use within assessments/projects! It can used to review vocabulary or show a higher level process such as comparisons.

How to make a stop motion iMovie
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