The United States🇺🇸

by Jayden.K


U.S.A favorite food is Corn,Fruits,Vegetables,Beef,Pork,Fish.

Capital City.

U.S.A Capital City is Washington DC

Climate And Weather.

The weather found in certain place over a long time period of time is know as climate.


The Holidays that they silbert are Easter,Christmas,ThanksGiving and Hanukkah.


The lands at U.S.A are Okla,Colo,N.M,Texas,Ariz,Utah,Kan,N.D,w.y,Clat and many many more.


They speak English,Spanish,Handlangus and many more

What They Grow.

Hey grow Wheat Corn Fruits Vegetables.

How Many Humans.

There are 313,847,465 people.