Janet Fish

By: Cassie Oaks


Janet Fish is an important realist artist who was Born in Boston May 8, She studied sculpture art at Yale University. Her early passions were for sculpture and print making. She focuses on light and reflections, she paints fruit, glassware, and flowers where she uses bright colors lime green, pink and yellow to bring still life common objects to life.

Similar Artists

Three other Artists who work in this style are Audrey Flack, Alex Katz and John. F Francis all of they're artwork is done with paints. Audrey Flack's paintings come to life with a collage of objects with bright bold colors of red, blue and orange. Alex Katz paintings are up close and personal of everyday people, using bold colors that bring the person in the painting to life. John F. Francis brings foods and fruit to life with using dark bold colors. They all have something similiar to bring objects in their paintings to life.

Work of ART

"For me, painting is like meditation" Janet Fish

Watermelon, Bananas, Suzani

Orange Poppies/ Fish Bowl