The 7 Articles of the Constitution

Tyler Nichols

How to remember the seven articles of the constitution?

Lisa- Lisa refers to the legislative branch in Article I.

Eats- Eats refers to the executive branch in Article II.

Jumbo- Jumbo refers to the judicial branch in Article III.

Shrimp- Shrimp refers to the states in Article IV.

And- And refers to how the constitution should be amended in Article V.

Sings- Sings refers to the supreme law of the land in Article VI.

Rock- Rock refers to what steps should be taken to ratify the constitution in Article VII.

Article I

Article I is all about the Legislative branch. The legislative branch creates the laws and are known as the lawmaking body. The legislative branch states the purpose of the government. The legislative branch is also allowed to collect taxes and borrow money!

Article II

Article II is all about the Executive Branch. The executive branch executes the laws. Article II outlines the powers of the Executive branch within the articles and also lists the Presidents powers.

Article III

Article III is all about the judicial branch. The judicial branch purpose is to interpret the laws and the Constitution. Article III outlines the powers of the Judicial branch therefore stating what powers and limits they are given.

Article IV

Article IV is all about the states. Article IV discusses the responsibilities and duties of each state. It also discusses the federal governments responsibilities to those states.

Article V

Article V is all about how the constitution and how it should be amended. In Article V it explains how the constitution can be changed. The Article states that the only way changes can be made to it are by adding new amendments.

Article VI

Article VI is all about the supreme law. In article VI it declares the constitution as the "Supreme Law of the Land." In Article VI, Clause 2 it contains the Supremacy Clause.

Article VII

Article VII is all about what steps must be taken to ratify the Constitution. This means that 9 states must agree to the new constitution to have it be passes. New Hampshire was this ninth state and they agreed in 1788.