The Life of William Shakespeare

By Clayton and Seth

A Legend is Born.

William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-avon in 1564. But little did his wealthy parents know that their son would become the most world renown writer in all of history...

Famous Plays and Shakespeare's Diversity in Writing

As Shakespeare matured as an adult and person, he began to write plays about tragedy, and history, but still left some positive in the mix, referring to his many comedies he wrote. A handful of his famous plays consist of; Romeo and Juliet, A midsummer night's dream, and Hamlet.

Shakespeare didn't only write plays.

Shakespeare wrote poetry

Shakespeare also wrote poems at a time in his life. The reason for such is that, from 1592-1594 there was a plague that broke out in england which caused all of the playhouses in london to be shut down. Some of his famous poetry pieces are; A fairy song, A lover's complaint, and Carpe Diem.

The Death of a Legend

The inevitable finally arrived at Shakespeare's door in the year 1616, and to make it more tragic, it was on his birthday, April 23. After marrying, having three children, and writing marvelous plays that are still performed today, his death was not in vain.