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Excerpt from "Rotten Apples" article. I made a few revisions- they are italicized.

For your information, most people are not reading print media any longer … but they will see that horrid cover depicting every American teacher as a Rotten Apple as they stand in line to get their groceries at the grocery store. And so you have perpetuated an attack on the only people left it seems in this country fighting every day to help children.

In the course of the week that I wrote this response, let me tell you what my [Star Teachers and Staff] did.

  • 'Star Teacher and Staff' One sent an email to all of his parents and informed them of their child's success on the benchmark- it included data, scholar's names, future plans, etc,
  • 'Star Teacher and Staff' Two spent precious time assembling full uniforms for several scholars that were in need of clean clothes,
  • 'Star Teacher and Staff' Three spent an entire Saturday with our 'volleyballers' at a tournament then organized and attended an awards dinner afterwards
  • 'Star Teacher and Staff' Four is committed to improving his classroom and establishing a respectful and caring environment- day in and day out,
  • 'Star Teacher and Staff' Five stepped in when no one could to teach a class until...,
  • 'Star Teacher and Staff' Six encouraged a few of our young ladies to attend a dynamic conference focused on their future careers in science,
  • 'Star Teacher and Staff' Seven continues to inspire his colleagues by feeding us education articles that edify our souls,
  • 'Star Teacher and Staff' Eight goes to bed late and/or wakes up early to provide goodies to the team on a weekly basis because she knows how important that is to maintaining our culture of giving,
  • 'Star Teacher and Staff' Nine came to work even though they did not feel 100% just because they did not want to disappoint their scholars,
  • 'Star Teacher and Staff' Ten, Eleven... comes in early and leaves late on a regular basis.

  • I can keep going because the truth of the matter is, you are all 'Star Teachers and Staff.'

Take away these people, drive these kinds of educators away from teaching, discourage others from joining the teaching force, and who will fight for children today? Who on a daily basis will look after the American schoolchildren?

Marian Wright Edelman said, “If we don’t stand up for children, then we don’t stand for much.” And Martin Luther King, Jr. said so eloquently, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” I have been silent for too long. I will no longer be silent as the media attacks public education.

The real question is who will stand with me and raise your voices to protect our children?

Proud to be your leader; excited about our future!

Director Collins

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Thanksgiving Potluck!

If you have not signed up, please do so. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving together Tuesday afternoon!

Principal's Meeting on Campus this Wednesday!

This Wednesday, TFA principals from around the LA community will be on our campus for our monthly cohort meeting. One part of the meeting includes instructional-classroom walk-throughs.

Cadre Meeting Has Been Cancelled

Take the time to work in your classrooms. Update grades, classroom environments, clean-up, grade work, etc. This is not an early afternoon, everyone must stay on campus until the work day is over.

Pim is this Thursday

Stay for our PIM meeting this month. The 8th grade team must be in attendance; we will be discussing requirements for culmination and other info pertinent to our 8th graders during the grade level break-out.

#1 Priority: Culture (The improvements are Palpable!)

  • Continue to enforce the expectations and celebrate successes
  • Set the expectation, repeat until your class has it down, proceed with your next expectations
  • Frequently use talking points to encourage our scholars and stakeholders
  • Culture checklist- members of the ILT and Ops team will be observing and providing feedback this week

TEF Classroom Management: 2.1 A. Value of Effort and Challenge

  • A member from the ILT will be coming in to observe this indicator
  • Academics must be the primary reason for celebration in the classroom
  • Behavior is your second reason for celebration
  • How will your system highlight academic and behavioral success in your classroom on a daily basis?

ILT is observing the following:

  • Many missed opportunities to connect high expectations to high grades, top colleges, etc
  • Lack of scholar work/achievements up in the classroom (Data wall can be used)

Action Step:

  • Connect current learning experiences to short and long term goals rather than just completion of the objective itself
  • Student of the Day, Week, Month and/or Year- Recognition and incentives

TEF Behavior Focus: 2.2 A

I am observing the following:

  • Scholars talking over the teacher
  • Scholars are unclear about shifts in their expectations during the different parts of the cycle

Action Step:

  • Don't talk over scholars. Stop and make eye contact with the scholar who is talking. Throughout the lesson walk with purpose toward scholar who may have a hard time staying on task
  • During the Do Now, I need you to be at level 0, working independently. If you have a question/comment/concern raise your hand and I will come by
  • While I am talking I need all eyes on me, level 0, SLANTING

TEF Academic Focus: 3.3 B

I am observing the following:
  • Scholars providing one word answers
  • Responding to answers with 3-5 grammatical errors

Action Step:

  • Once the scholar answers the question, prompt them to restate the answer using the following academic terms and/or evidence (have scholars refer to notes, PowerPoint slide, etc to determine academic language and facts) in a complete sentence. For scholars who may struggle with using complete sentences, model the correct way to answer the question (with academic vocab/evidence) and allow them repeat. (Note that this is a child that needs small group instruction)
  • Provide scholar with sentence starter, example of what can be said
  • Pull child aside to discuss the error- especially when it's reoccuring

PSAs this Wednesday

Don't forget to administer your PSA this week. Also, if your data is not up to date, update it by Tuesday night.
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Thanksgiving Break and Data Day (Pupil Free Day)

Enjoy your full week off!

Take care of yourself and your family- run those errands you have been putting off, enjoy the special people in your life, and don't forget to give thanks!

  • Data Day (Pupil Free Day) is Monday, Nov 30- Details to follow!

Recap--- Reflections

21 Dreams

Thanks for everyone's support with the program! We are seeing improvements. Demetress and Tremain will be returning to the classroom on Monday and we may have 2 or 3 more going back to the class next week- We will keep you posted!
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Data and PLCs

IIMCA is embracing data and data talks (during PLCs)!!! This is a huge step for our school community and will help us achieve our goal of being a high performing school. Our weekly PLCs are ground zero for data analysis. Continue to update your data on a weekly basis!

Volleyball Tourney

Shout out to M'Jumbe and the 'volleyballers' for their hard work this season and making IIMCA proud of their scholar athletes. Although they did not secure the win on Saturday, they played hard!

Also, shout out to Terrence for his work at the event... Apparently we missed each other by a few moments Terrence!

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Continue to submit attendance at the beginning of every period. If you are having challenges with attendance, reach out to Ms. Corona for support

***Save The Date***

Month of November

  • Tuesday, 17: Team Pot Luck

  • Wednesday, 18: Prinipal's Meeting at IIMCA

  • Wednesday, 18: Mentor Wednesday

  • Wednesday, 18: Cadre Meetings- Cancelled- Work in your classrooms

  • Thursday, 19: PIM

  • Friday, 20: Culture Day!

  • Monday- Friday: 23- 27, Enjoy Thanksgiving Break All!

  • Monday, 30: Pupil Free Day, ICEF Data Day (details to come)

When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful.