Is Technology Bad For You?

By Zakaya B.


Many kids, adults & elderly use technology everyday. Whether a computer, phone or TV. Technology provides valuable assistance when needed to find information and news. But what about the troubles which come when dealing with technology, and others using it?

Parents are faced with the chore of telling their kids to get of social networks, video games and the television. Kids are becoming less and less social as they spend more time on screens, and are also becoming less intelligent because they are loosing the will to learn, and just want more and more time on technology.

Also, faced with new technology hasled to severe problems with hackers stealing bank accounts and even identities. This is a problem which can't be solved as it's online, and practically anyone can steal your property and never be traced. This is another of the many problems technology has caused.

So when it comes to using technology, be aware of the changes that are happening to you, whether positive or negative, so that you aren't being completely taken over by technology.