Friday Flower

Friday, Oct. 14

Happy Friday!

Upcoming Staff Meetings

10/21-10/22 MEA - No School!

10/27 - Enhanced Drill Information / Fun Staff Meeting (PBIS)

11/3-11/4 - Conferences

11/10 (Split IKE/XinXing) IKE: Trauma Sensitive Classrooms (PBIS) XinXing: Classroom Discipline Strategies

11/17 Late Start (Split IKE/XinXing) - Review of Gradual Release of Responsibility

Gym Doors

If you take your class to Phy Ed through the Community Center hallway, please be sure to close the gym doors completely afterward. We want to prevent access to our school from outside visitors in the Community Center.

Q Comp Goals Established By Each Leadership Team

IKE: The percentage of Eisenhower students in grades 3-6 who achieve MAP Reading scores in the upper half of the MAP norms for growth (i.e., orange and green quadrants on Achievement Status and Growth Summary with Quadrant Chart) will increase from 47.3% in the spring of 2016 to 49.3% in the spring of 2017.

XinXing: The percentage of all students in grades 3-6 at XinXing Academy who meet or exceed their fall to spring individual RIT Growth Projection on the NWEA MAP in math will increase from 77.5% in spring 2016 to 78.5% in spring 2017.

Donghong Wang is Traveling to China!

Donghong Wang, our fabulous XinXing kindergarten teacher, is traveling to Shanghai for a conference. The conference is hosted by Shanghai and Shandong Overseas Chinese Affairs Offices, and includes 120 Chinese educators from all over the world. The main goal of the conference is to provide a forum for overseas Chinese educators, as well as local educators, to meet and exchange ideas on Chinese education. She will be visiting several elementary and middle schools in Shanghai and Shandong attending seminars, learning about Chinese language instructional teaching methods, and learning Chinese traditional culture from local experts. The fun part is that she is going to visit the Confucius birthplace in Qufu, Shandong Province. As you may know, the Confucius institute has been a big supporter of Xinxing’s Chinese immersion program. She is also looking forward to finding more Chinese teaching and learning materials for XinXing.

Highlights From History: Mykleby Courtyard

The Courtyard Planning Committee met for the first time on February 13th, 1997. The first meeting was attended by Dawn Hansen, Larry Wade, Camille Calderaro, Sharon O'Brien, Cathy Parry, and Susan Johnson. The purpose of that first meeting was to formulate a direction and a plan of action.

Larry Wade suggested limiting this first effort to two areas, bulb planting and a vegetable garden. Two test areas for bulbs could be planted so that students could evaluate variables.

Dawn Hansen said Kids n Co. can do the maintenance of the garden particularly during summer months.

A questionnaire was sent to staff by Cathy Parry.

The action plan from that first meeting:

1. Larry Wade to talk with Mykleby about money, trellis.

2. Cathy Parry to write questionnaire and give to staff. To be returend to Susan Johhnson by next meeting.

3. Radiant crab--Camille Calderaro to check on it (whether trees drop fruit, which would attract bees).

Have a great weekend! - Paul & Sara