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May 28, 2018

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End of the Year Reflections - A Year Interrupted

Reflecting upon this year, I am always reminded of your dedication and commitment to this students of this school. Amidst all the changes and interruptions you all remained positive with an eye on the future. You all recognize the importance of what we do everyday and for that I am very grateful to all of you.

We could recite a laundry list of barriers and issues we faced this year. But the true measure of your greatness and commitment is that you let none of the countless roadblocks stop you.

We work as a team to support each other and our students. We do not seek fame and glory just reading proficiency and healthy kids! Which I know is a tall order!

Some of our accomplishments this year may not be as visible as they have been in the past however, they are still there.

  • 62% of our students are reading within grade level. 42% are at grade level!
  • We REFPed 26 students this year!
  • Restructuring Team had difficult conversations about how to best support students and recognized we needed to make some changes.
  • RT reconfigured coming year and cut costs, created more intervention and maintained collaboration for teachers.
  • We used formative assessments to guide our decision making.
  • Teachers met in grade level teams twice a week to discuss how to best respond to student learning.
  • We visited Bay Area schools and began conversations with Altimira about collaborating.
  • 90% of teachers participated in homegrown EV PD, led by EV teachers.
  • All of you learned a brand new math curriculum this year!
  • All our schedules are in place for 2018-2019!
  • Student writing is evident and present in all the classrooms.
  • Teachers College provided us with 10 days of amazing professional development.
  • 4th and 5th grade restructured their Focus Learning to support struggling readers.
  • Ten first grade students received after school tutoring from community members.
  • Valley Vibes Orchestra rose from the ashes and became a strong program once again
  • Enrichment happened after school for hundreds of students.
  • Parents participated in walk throughs and learned about reading instruction.
  • Our ELAC and PTO started with new leadership and are working together for the first time. They co-sponsored WinterFest, Valentines Day Dance and Cinco de mayo!
  • Our Cowell grant is up for renewal and we are in good standing with our goals.
  • We had counseling five days a week. Thanks to Missy's tenacity and our interns.
  • Our preschool provided early literacy for 48 little ones!
  • Our fifth graders participated in three book clubs with community members.
  • The FRC offered mental health services to some of our neediest families.
  • Parent University offered classes to over 300 parents and community members this year.
  • We have Redwood Food Bank on campus every Friday providing food for 70 EV families.
  • We helped 1000 people during the fires and another 500 after with the pop up stores.
  • Levi Strauss cleaned up our garden and built planter boxes.
  • A few of you went back to school and received advanced degrees.
  • Several of you had or are having babies.
  • Four of you are retiring after 113 years of service!

Thank you all for your service, love and passion! Cheers to a 2018-2019 full of hope and inspiration!


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Up Coming Events


May 28 - Holiday

May 29 - Preschool grad

May 30 - Award Assembly 9am & 5th grade Book Club 12n

May 31 - Promotion Ceremony 9am

June 1 - Staff party at Barbs

June 5 - Summer School teachers on campus

June 6 - Summer School begins & Maite at EP meeting

June 7 - Maite at EP meeting

June 8- Maite at IDT meeting