Behind the Scenes of True Love

Playlist for Helena

Unappreciated Love

A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare is not the beautiful, classic love story. Instead, it introduces the reader to a more painful kind of plot, one where not everyone's love is appreciated. Helena's love for Demetrius is not appreciated, and when Demetrius and Lysander both love Helena, she does not reciprocate the same feelings. It must hurt for something as sacred as love to be ignored, but unfortunately that is exactly what is happening.
Taylor Swift Invisible- Lyrics

TRACK ONE - "Invisible" by Taylor Swift

" ...She's never gonna love you like I want to...."

In the beginning, Helena loves Demetrius with everything she has, but Demetrius couldn't care less. He has his eyes set on Hermia, but she's already has her true love, Lysander, who actually reciprocates her feelings. Helena would direct the line from that song that I chose to Demetrius because Hermia is never going to love Demetrius, but Helena believes that she always will. This is showing how Helena is having to deal with her love being ignored.
Smiling Faces Sometimes Pretend to be your Friend

TRACK TWO - "Smiling Faces Sometimes" by Undisputed Truth

"...smiling faces sometimes pretend to be your friend..."

In order to gain respect from Demetrius, Helena tells him about Lysander and Hermia's plans to run away. These plans were supposed to be secret, and Helena betrayed Hermia, who was her friend, when she told Demetrius she was going off with Lysander. The line from the song is kind of directed towards Helena herself. She told Hermia she wouldn't expose her secret, but she was lying. Helena must have thought that love trumped friendship.

Thinking of you - Katy Perry (Subtitulos / Lyrics)

TRACK THREE - "Thinking of You" by Katy Perry

" said move on, where do I go?.."

In this part of the story, Demetrius is searching for Hermia in the woods and Helena is following him. Demetrius keeps being very cruel to Helena, even threatening to kill her. But Helena is not scared because she loves him so much. This line of the song would be directed to Demetrius because he keeps telling Helena to move on, but Helena has no where to go, because all of her life and love is devoted to Demetrius. What Helena is learning is that love may be relentless, but if it is true, than it is worth fighting for.

Hello, I Love You by The Doors (lyrics)

TRACK FOUR - "Hello, I Love You" by The Doors

"...hello, I love you. Won't you tell my your name?..."

This song represents how Lysander started to love Helena, but he didn't really know what he was doing. The love was fake and forced. The line from the song I chose was meant to symbolize how Lysander's love for Helena was very powerful and he was very sure of it, but it wasn't real, and he didn't know what was happening. This line would be sung by Lysander and directed to Helena. Helena must be shocked, and learning how surprising love can be.

Playing With my Heart (Acoustic) - Kate Voegele [Lyrics]

TRACK FIVE - "Playing with my Heart" - Kate Voegele

"...I know where you're goin' with your sugar-laced talkin' and it wasn't too hard to see..."

This song is about how Helena rejected Lysander's love, thinking he was just playing with her, and making fun of her. Helena would sing this line to Lysander. She thought she knew exactly what was happening, and she wasn't going to accept it. Of course, she ended up being incorrect, but I completely understand where she was coming from. She was learning, or thought she was learning, that love can't always be trusted.

RARE: The Beatles - The Night Before (Official Video)

TRACK SIX - "The Night Before" by The Beatles

"...treat me like you did the night before..."

This song is referring to the part of the play where Dememtrius was tricked into loving Helena. The excerpt of the song I chose would be sung be Demetrius to Helena, asking her to love him as much as she did the night before, when she was chasing him through the woods begging her to love him back. Now that Demetrius reciprocates those feelings, he wants Helena to feel the same way. Helena is learning that love isn't always when and where you want it.

Love Isn't Real - For All Those Sleeping LYRICS

TRACK SEVEN - "Love Isn't Real" by For All Those Sleeping

"...stop pretending, that you ever thought there'd be a happy ending..."

Now Helena is very offended by Demetrius's actions because she believes that he is just mocking her. The excerpt from the song is from Helena's perspective, directed to Demetrius. She wants Demetrius to quit acting like he love's her, because it would hurt a lot to have someone you love so much make a joke out of your feelings. Of course, Demetrius isn't joking, but Helena doesn't know that, and I completely understand where she is coming from. She thinks she is learning that love can be turned against you.

All Time Low - Break Your Little Heart Lyrics

TRACK EIGHT - "Break your Little Heart" by All Time Low

"... a pretty face but the chase ain't worth the prize..."

This song is referring to the part of the play where Helena and Hermia are fighting with each other. Helena believes that Hermia is in on the joke with Lysander and Demetrius, and Hermia believes that Helena has stolen both of her lovers. The line I chose from the song is directed towards Hermia, from Helena. Helena now thinks that Hermia is super mean, so she's saying although Hermia is very beautiful, her attitude isn't worth being loved. Helena is learning that love and friendship can be intertwined, but not always for the better.

Lean On Me by Bill Withers with Lyrics

TRACK NINE - "Lean on Me" by Bill Withers

"...I'll be your friend, I'll help you carry on..."

We have reached the time in the play were all of the characters have made it out of the woods, and have forgiven each other. Actually, they didn't as much forgive each other as they just thought everything that happened was a dream, but either way, they were not upset with each other. This line of the song is saying, that in the end, they will be able to move on from their fights. Helena has learned that its important to have friends aside from any issues of love.


TRACK TEN - "Hello" by Lionel Richie

"... you're all I've ever wanted, and my arms are open wide..."

This song symbolizes how Demetrius still loves Helena in the end, and Lysander is back to loving Hermia, so all is well. The line I chose from the song is from Demetrius's perspective, welcoming Helena to love him. Helena has learned that in the end, true love will always prevail.