Cultural and Ethnic Dance

By jenesa Dupree

African Dance

African Dance originated from African villages, the older members of the tribe would pass down different dances to the younger members and the dances just got things added to them as they were passed down. The Dance Master was the person who taught the dances and made sure they were precise and as perfect as possible before he allowed the younger members to add anything to the dances. African dance was developed based on the different tribes merging together in the 1500's during the slave trade, because dancing was such a big part of their lives they used it to keep their cultural traditions alive. In order to Master African dancing you have to spend time making every movement precise, the movement has to go with the rhythm of the music so you have to be able to execute the movement perfectly and exactly as it was taught to you. African dances are made to tell different stories the fast movements represent their past as far as slave trading goes and the jumping could represent them overcoming everything they have been through.

DANCE This 2008: African Dance "Zehil" and "Rugaro nekutamba (Being Happy)"

Hula Dance

Hula Dancing originated in Hawaii and was first created to be a ritual dance for the goddess pele. Hula dancing was first performed by the men chanting while the women danced, this was later banned in the 1920's when the Christian missionary's settled in Hawaii and converted many of them to Christianity, they then decided that hula dances were vulgar and sinful. culture played a big role in the development of hula dancing, early on when the religion in Hawaii wasn't mostly Christian hula dancing was performed with little clothes on but when the missionaries settled it could only be performed with long sleeved high neck gowns. In order to accurately execute Hawaiian dance you have to be able to make your hips, arms and feet in slow rhythmic movements. Culture and history are a big part of hula dancing considering the fact that it was first made to worship the volcano god. The dances were the Hawaiians way of keeping a record of their history.
Tahitian Hula Dancers in Poipu, Kauai


Tango was originated in Buenos Aries Argentina in the 1900's.Tango was created when there was a shortage of women in Argentina for the lower class people so the men would go to the brothels and compete through dancing for women who they would consider marrying, the upper class people did no approve of this at first but eventually they came to accept it. The development of this dance grew because it was introduced to other countries such as Paris and Europe were they would fit the tango into their social events. Skills you need to master tango are Walking, Ochos and turns, from there you can then build on those simple skills. Argentinian culture is very intimate and flirtatious so the tango reflects this, when you tango it is meant to be very flirtatious and intimate. The dancers embrace each other and basically move like they are one person, they stay very close to each other most of the time and create the picture of a very intimate relationship.
Sebastian Arce & Mariana Montes at Tango Amadeus 2013 (1) - Tango (Best Seat in the House) :)