Francisco Pizarro

Started with nothing & ended with something

It started with nothing & then that changed

When Francisco Pizarro was a little boy, He grew up with nothing. He was a "Swine handler" In other words he would do tricks with pigs. Then as he got a older... everything changed. Francisco Pizarro "discovered" the Inca Empire. He also traveled through much of the Pacific Coast of America along Peru.

Some facts About Francisco Pizzaro

Francisco Pizarro was born 1476 and Die later 1541 26 of June.

He had one kid called Francesca Pizarro Yupanqui. His wife was Ines Huaylas Yupanqui. Pizarro was a big time family man. Since he had nothing he wanted to make sure that his family had everything they needed, so that's when he started to go on adventures.

What did Pizarro do that changed history?

Francisco Pizarro didn't really impact history but he did conquer The Inca Empire. That is huge because if he didn't capture and conquer the Inca empire, The Inca Empire would probably be the Empire it was.

Where Pizarro's statute is located?

Pizarro is located in the Cathedral on the Plaza De Armas in the city of Limà.