Florida, Everglades

By: Savannah Brunelle

4 ways to survive the Everglades!

1. Stay close to the swamp for water

2. Build a shelter for protection

3. Find as many things as possible such as weapons

4. Do not bother the animals (they will try eating you!)


There are several animals. Like- the american crocodile, the American Alligator, the Florida panther, and etc. The Florida panther is the symbol of wild in Florida. The panther can be helpful to me because when it is killing and eating it's prey I can spy on it and then when he's done i can get some of the left overs. The panther can also be harmful to me because he could eat me. The panther is likley to be dangerous but you have to act like your not afraid and you have to be careful where you go and where you built your shelter.


There are several kinds of plants. The black mangrove, the white mangrove, and the butterfly pea are all types of plants in the Everglades. But, the most unusual plants for the Everglades are the black mangrove, and the white mangrove. The white mangrove can be helpful to me because in the tips are sugar. Yes it is edible even though most insects eat them. This plant can be harmful to me because if a poisonous bug/insect passes by it, it can get me very sick or even make me die. No the white mangrove is not poisonous.