Marfan Sydrome

A disorder that weakens connective tissue in the body

How common is Marfan Syndrome and who does it affect?

Marfan Syndrome is one of the most common of inherited disorders happening in one and every 10,000 individuals. It is most notable in the eye, skeleton, and cardiovascular systems. It mainly affects the connective tissue and is passed from parent to child from genes.

What mutations cause Marfan Syndrome and the inheritance

Mutations in the fibrilion gene cause Marfan Syndrome which weaken the tendons, ligaments, and other muscle tissue in the body. Also the inheritance in Marfan Syndrome is dominant

How is Marfan Syndrome diagnosed

There isn't known a known diagnose for Marfan Syndrome, but if someone else in your family has Marfan Syndrome it is possible for you to get Marfan Syndrome. There is no cure for Marfan Synfrome, but there are treatments such as Beta Blockers that help your heart beat slower with less force.